About Thad

Photo Jan 17, 9 54 15 PM-2Thad Foster grew up in a hot little desert town on an Indian Reservation in Arizona. A line from one of his songs says ” Moved to the city in my youth, never looked back, never knew I missed it. But now I’m a man and I long to go back. Take me back to those towns with their big Oak Trees, Take me back to the good ole country!”

He explains what he misses about a simpler life away from the city. “Many people think that Country Music is all about pick up trucks and double wide trailers. Not true! Country Music is about real America. The America that the people living in the big cities never see. ‘Country’ is the people that grow the food and that are the back bone of the American Economy. Plain honest folks that look out for each other in time of need. Hard work, discipline, and the same determination that the pioneers of this land had that enabled them to settle and tame it. To me, that’s what Country Music is all about.” says Thad.

His songs reflect his life experience, from his days as a newlywed digging ditches for a plumbing company(“That’s When I Knew”) to his time as a Cavalry Scout in the U.S. Army (“Big Oak Trees”), from mending a broken heart (“Time For Goodbye”) to celebrating fatherhood in “The Best One Of All”. Not one for playing it safe, Thad spins tales of his former greedy Landlord (“Dance Upon Your Grave”) and about his hometown that is forever etched into his consciousness (“Parker, Arizona”).

Thad has performed all over the world, from Bakersfield, California to Baguio City, Philippines… Kobe, Japan…. Mexico City, Mexico. Thad says “I just love traveling and sharing my music. It seems though that the audience gives me so much more than I give them. The love and support they show me fills me with such happiness. It’s because of nice folks like them that I am blessed to be able to earn a living doing what I love to do and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!”